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5 Qualities to Look for in a Good Preschool or Nursery

5 Qualities to Look for in a Good Preschool or Nursery

Posted on 30 March by Admin | cooking 3 min read

It’s that time, when you need to make that next big decision – that of finding the right nursery or playschool for your little one to commence his or her academic journey. It’s never too early to start preparing for your child’s early childhood education, because studies have shown that those kids who engage in preschool perform better over time than those who do not. Enrolling your child in preschool is important — and it’s even more important to choose the right school.

So, how do you know which preschool in Bangalore to choose? Which program will meet your child’s needs and prepare them well for their future? As you visit potential preschools for your child, keep an eye out for these 5 traits, which have been demonstrated to help children excel.

A Fun, Friendly and Engaging Environment

Kids develop their social and communication skills at the play-school they attend. They will only open up and speak with others in a friendly environment that encourages both learning and play. So, as you search for a nursery school, look for one that offers engaging preschool and kindergarten prep. This will help prepare your kids for their future academic journey.

Clean, Safe, and Child-Friendly Facilities

When you tour nursery schools in your area – which you must - the first thing to look for is a clean, safe, and child-friendly facility. Also consider the distance your little one has to commute, to school and back. Your child's safety is your number one priority, so you need to send them to a nursery school that will keep them safe. A nursery school with an excellent reputation will tick all of these important boxes.

Passionate Staff

Nursery school teachers and assistants must be happy doing their job for your toddler to benefit from the experience. When you visit the preschool and daycare center campus, talk to the staff; ask them questions about the school and the opportunities it will offer your child. This will help you gauge how compassionate and friendly they are.

Teacher-Student Ratio

When it comes to preschool, the amount of time and interaction a child has with a teacher can have a profound effect on their education; from enhanced learning to better results. A lower teacher-student ratio is what you should be looking for; where teachers are afforded sufficient time to engage with each kid, individually.

School-Parent Group Interaction

Group meetings can help parents learn from each other and develop a sense of school community. Parents can surely have different perspectives and opinions when they are raising a typical preschooler, and they can exchange ideas with other parents who are facing the same challenges. Proactive suggestions from parents can also help the school with further improvements.

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