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5 Secrets to Keep Your Children Healthy This Winter

5 Secrets to Keep Your Children Healthy This Winter

Posted on 24 Dec by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Winters are a time for sipping hot coffee and preparing oneself for the approaching Christmas celebrations. Winter season has finally arrived in Bangalore and so has cold and flu. However, it is also high time to protect your child from Bangalore’s chilled weather. Children eagerly wait for winters to enjoy the Christmas holidays and have tons of fun.

But, most of the kids tend to fall sick during the winter season due to the common cold virus. As the temperature begins to drop, parents must ensure that their kids stay warm, safe and healthy. Taking care of kids during winters could be a very difficult task as they would always want to play in the open to enjoy their winter vacation. Making some small changes in their daily routine during winters can protect kids from various germs and infections.

We have compiled a list of tips that can boost your kid’s immune system this winter making this season a little more merry and bright!!!!!!!!

1. Washing Hands Regularly at Home and School

Whether it’s through their favourite shared toy, a bathroom faucet or a doorknob, kids are exposed to bacteria and viruses daily at school and home. One of the most basic ways to keep your children healthy is to cultivate the habit of regular hand washing. Washing hands with soap and warm water after playing outside, before meals and snacks, after bathroom visits, and after petting animals disinfects their hands. Also, remember that washing hands with soap and water is way more effective than using hand sanitizers.

2. Keeps your Kids Hydrated

Children tend to lose more body water by breathing itself due to dry harsh winter winds. Parents should always ensure to keep them hydrated by offering different warm drinks and soups. Staying hydrated can help their body fight viruses and improve the immune power. Frequent water intakes also aids in regulating body temperature. Also, avoid providing cold drinks/soft drinks to children during winters. Children should drink at least 1-2 litres of water every day.

3. Ensure Children Get Enough Sleep

Whether they go to bed at 7:00 p.m. or midnight, some kids wake up at the same time every morning. Fit your kids into a regular bedtime routine so that they are sleeping as much as their little bodies require to stay healthy. Sleep is essential for a healthy immune system. So, ensure your kids aren’t missing out on much-needed sleep. With an increased amount of germs around, your kid's bodies would need a little extra time during winters to fully recuperate.

The recommended hours of sleep for children of different ages are as mentioned below:

Babies younger than 1 year require 12-16 hours per 24 hour period, Toddlers aged between 1-2 years need 11-14 hours per 24 hour period, Preschoolers aged between 3-5 years require 10-13 hours per 24 hour period, and Kids ages 6-12 need between 9-12 hours per 24 hour period.

4. Consuming a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet during winter would help your little ones to develop immunity in the body. Including fruits and vegetables into your child's diet can be tricky at times since kids might not like them. Green leafy vegetables, carrots, green beans, and colorful fruits like oranges and strawberries should be on their plates as they contain immunity-boosting phytonutrients, vitamin C, and carotenoids.

Try being creative and find ways to smartly hide veggies in their meal, whether it is mixing finely grated veggies into a mince patty, or blending vegetables into a soup so they don’t realise it while eating.

5. Engage your child in indoor activities

Some days are too cold in Bangalore to allow your kids to play outside. During this period it is always a good idea to engage your children in some indoor activities. This could also be the best way to protect your kids from winter. Parents can encourage their kids to gather some of their unused toys and clothes for donating. Also, motivating them for crafts and origami can be another good option. Last but not least, you can enjoy the time with your child cooking dishes without fire like bunny face sandwiches, salads, etc.

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