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5 Tips to Encourage Children To Read

5 Tips to Encourage Children To Read

Posted on 23 Apr by Admin | cooking 3 min read

If you grew up reading Boxcar Children, Harry Potter and a number of Enid Blyton’s books, you’ll obviously want to share that experience with your children. But encouraging children to read can be quite challenging. Some kids just don’t like reading because they find it boring, difficult or maybe they feel like reading is a chore.

Reading is important for children because it’s essential for comprehension and effective communication. Good reading skills help students academically by developing their vocabulary, increasing their attention span, and promoting stronger analytical thinking. Beyond that, it also opens up a world of opportunities for discovering great adventures and self-learning through books. The key to making your kids benefit all this is to make reading fun!

Here are our 5 tips to encourage children to read:


Beyond the activities at the creche, preschool and kindergarten, children need your attention to start reading. If there’s one thing kids love doing, that’s playing copycat. So set an example by reading magazines, books and newspapers to show them it’s part of your daily routine. Invite them to your reading sessions and read the content out loud and explain what it is to them so they feel included. Soon enough they will begin to emulate.


Sometimes kids don’t like reading because they’re unable to relate. Help your child connect what they read with everyday life and their own experiences. This will definitely peak their interests towards reading.


Sending your kids to a summer camp for reading can be great but have you tried to mix things up a little on your own? Find out what your kid loves and use that activity to encourage reading. If your child likes to draw and paint, make a picture book together! Just come up with a story, write a few sentences together and add the illustrations and you have your very own book! You can then read it together.


It’s important for your children to be surrounded by books. Home is a great place to start with. As they grow up, introduce them to your nearest library to give them more options and allow them to pick a book that draws their attention.


If you’ve tried very hard and your child still finds reading difficult, don’t get frustrated. Take a moment, step back and understand why they are struggling. Share this with someone more qualified like a teacher who could make a difference. And last of all, just love your kids and show them you’ll support them no matter what.

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