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5 Reasons to choose Yello Preschool

5 Reasons to choose Yello Preschool

Posted on 25 Apr by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Are your children heading to preschool soon? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the process of sifting through numerous preschools? Always remember while choosing a preschool, it is critical to understand that childhood learning is based on building trust with the teachers. Children gain a tremendous amount of confidence, enhance their social and emotional skills and they also learn how to get along with other children.

One such place where children can gain self-self-confidence and at the same time work on developing their skill set is Yello Preschool - the Best preschool in Bangalore that lays down a foundation for all the kids to learn both socially and academically. Yello preschool follows a very thoughtful approach to every Childs education, nutrition, and many more.

Here are 5 reasons why should you choose Yello preschool for your kid:

1. Yello preschool is the best daycare place that will provide your children with an opportunity to grow. Our school provides a structured setting with the teachers and other kids which allows everyone to learn various qualities such as sharing with one another, following instructions, mingling with other children etc. This will help them to build a concrete foundation for learning that will happen in elementary school.

2. Our school focuses on building trust with every child and at the same time focuses on preparing every child for kindergarten. In today’s world where schools have become more academic and competitive, there are many parents who are in a dilemma as to what should I choose - my child’s playtime or to make sure that my kid is ready for kindergarten?

Worry not!! Yello preschool focuses on removing that dilemma from every parent’s mind. Our school offers a high-quality learning curriculum that provides your children with both playtime and study time as well. We have appointed experienced teachers who understand the importance of education and child care and how to sync them with children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical skill set.

3. At our preschool we allow every child to choose what kind of activities would they want to do. This encourages kids to choose what interests them rather than wandering around aimlessly. We also provide individual attention to kids who are unable to figure out what activities interests them by offering them suggestions on how to go about it. By doing so it shows every child that they are cared for and they also feel safe and secure with the teachers thereby building a personal connection.

4. The teachers at Yello preschool gives further importance on promoting language and cognitive skills. According to a recent study, it is said that a child between the age of 3 to 5 can grow their vocabulary to 2500 words which helps them to make their sentences even longer and more complex. We make sure that every child is given equal opportunities to make their vocabulary stronger by taking part in various such as singing, talking about their favourite storybook, acting out their favourite stories and many more. By doing so we strengthen every Childs Cognitive and language skills.

5. High-quality preschools like Yello believes in providing a challenging environment to children on a daily basis which allows them to explore their surrounding environment leading them to enhance their physical coordination. Numerous opportunities such as running, playing active games, climbing, etc lets young children to develop their motor skills and also lets them build their hand-eye coordination and balance.

All you parents can stay rest assured that at Yello preschool your child will always be well cared for.

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