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Why Playing Outdoors is Important for Kids?

Why Playing Outdoors is Important for Kids?

Posted on 08 Apr by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Kids are naturally hooked to play outside as it allows them to explore their surrounding environment, increase their muscle strength and coordination and also boost their self-confidence. Playing outdoors gives children a chance to use their whole body to do various activities such as running, playing on the swing, jumping, skating, riding a bike, get more sunshine and many more.

There are a lot of reasons as to why playing outdoors is of utmost importance for kids in today’s generation who have been spending more time interacting with electronic devices. Below mentioned are a few critical reasons why outdoor playing has become even more critical for kids which are being followed in daycare in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and many other cities.

Why is it crucial for children to play outdoors?

  • The main reason is the sunshine. Yes, you heard it right, an abundant amount of sun exposure which makes vitamin D that further plays an important role in body processes such as bone development, the betterment of immunity system, getting a healthy and peaceful sleep etc.
  • The next crucial element is plenty amount of physical exercise. Kids should at least be actively involved in some kind of sports for an hour. Be it is playing with a ball or riding a bike, outdoor activities are really one of the best exercises for children. This also helps children in developing their motor skills and also addresses a growing problem of obesity as well.
  • Playing outdoors also encourages children to be more creative. Being away from all the confinements of indoor activities, children who play outdoors are often more creative and imaginative as they are often stimulated by objects around them. This is a great way to encourage children’s creativity.
  • Outdoor activities enhance children’s social skills, the main reason being outdoor spaces are generally much less crowded than indoors. This helps children to come out of their shells and interact with other children and make new friends. It also helps kids to participate in more games and physical activities as well.
  • Make your children happier and calmer by giving them the freedom of playing outdoors. As already mentioned above, playing outside provides Vitamin D which is proven to improve moods and establish a healthy mental attitude. Freedom to play outdoors also helps kids to use up all the energy that is built up in them which in turn helps them to stay more focused and attentive in the classroom.
  • Outdoor playing activities is a little riskier than playing indoors. whether it is playing on swings and slides or other playing equipments, it helps children to push their boundaries and become even better at assessing the risk. It also teaches them to explore new activities and games and also become more confident in trying to learn new things without being guided by adults all the time.

In today’s technologically advanced world it has become very common to find more and more kids glued to the television and their digital gadgets which have been negatively impacting children’s development and health. Therefore playing outdoors should become a vital part of every kid. This is a wonderful way to learn new life skills and positively shape their personality. It is of utmost importance for parents and daycare teachers to play a conscious and a more proactive role in providing a positive outlook towards playing outdoor games amongst kids.

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