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The Yello Story -

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Yello, partnered and managed by DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, is an inspiring and innovative approach to an early childhood education which values the child as strong, capable, resilient and filled with a sense of wonder. Children are capable of deep curiosity and have tremendous potential, understanding their world and their place within it.

“At YELLO, we believe that schools need to prepare themselves for a new world by thinking creatively and deeply about how they are educating. Every generation need and abilities are different than the ones gone by, hence at YELLO we believe that teaching practices must continuously change and evolve to support these developments, with emphasis on developing relationships, values and to aim at true happiness.

Our Foundation

“Positive Learning is the foundation”

Learning in the initial five years leave everlasting imprints on a child’s mind. Decades of neuroscience and behavioral research illustrates that it forms a foundation for a purposeful and sustainable ecosystem. The environment and the experiences shape the architecture of a child’s brain, laying the first foundation of learning.

Children thrive in spaces that are calm, happy, stimulating, encouraging and motivational. Children perform best when we as adults give our time and patience and treat them as another adult.

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Growing into free thinkers of the future

Freedom of thoughts
and communication.

Communicate and
work with a group.

Grow with Nature.


To build self-esteem
and confidence.

To build relationships:
an elixir for a healthy, long life.

To learn our relationship with our environment

Who We Are


Mansoor Khan

Mansoor Ali Khan, Board of Management DPS Bangalore / Mysore and founder- School of India is a renowned educator. His deep insight in early childhood education has facilitated the creation of an atmosphere conducive to the holistic development in toddlers.


Asma Jamal

Asma Jamal, Founder, and Director at Pitter Patter Preschool (est. 2005). She comes with years of experience in early childhood education. Asma believes educating a child is as much about cultivating the child’s intellectual capacity as it is about honing his / her emotional and social proclivities.


Zoheb Shabbeer

Zoheb Shabbeer is a specialist in Global Marketing Management. Having studied and worked in both the USA and India, he has global expertise in the field of education. He believes “Education is the key to freedom and the only way to make a better society.”


Tasbia Khan

Tasbia Khan, Member board of management DPS, Bangalore East, and Director - School of India. She believes in using technologies and strategies to propel progressive and innovative thought process in the school culture.

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