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Avoiding Favoritism in Children

5 Tips to Encourage Children To Read

Posted on 17 June by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Favoritism. Prejudice. Discrimination. Preference. Child favoritism is a sensitive topic that often gets glossed over because we refuse to accept its existence. Left unchecked, it could lead to huge ego issues or under confidence in your budding child. Yello Montessori School believes it is only through the coordination of the teachers and parents can the issues be easily resolved. The parent has to be especially patient to deal with the kids of this tender age, who tend to act before they think. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that you must adopt to ensure your child has a fulfilling time at the best preschool and daycare in Bangalore..

1. Be Patient:

The parent must be patient with his kid as well as other kids. They should realize that their kids are at an age where they will be involved in mischievous antics, without any rhyme or reason. Fights between toddlers are an unfortunate but inevitable occurrence..

2. Don’t take sides:

The parents have to be especially careful while dealing with the disputes between their children. They should act mature as their actions are surely to influence their children. They should not take the side of their own children, rather they should try to solve the dispute by teaching them the importance of teamwork and telling them that a fight occurs only when both sides are at fault. A handshake and hug can work wonders for toddlers in preschool..

3. Praise each kid’s strengths:

At a young age, parents are often quick to judge and reprimand their children for not being good in a particular field. Instead of doing that, they should take every chance they get to praise them for their strong points. A kid may be doing well in academics while another may be athletic. The parents’ words are highly-regarded by kids in preschool. A compliment or two will surely act as a much-needed confidence booster in their lives.

4. Avoid having competitions at all costs:

Competitions and comparisons go hand-in-hand. Children will start to compare themselves with each other if competitions are held at a young age. This may lead to an unhealthy competitive spirit sprouting in the budding children. Instead, try to have lessons where the work of each child is appreciated and admired by the others. To prevent any semblance of negativity arising, teach the children to look for the good in others first and foremost..

5. Find the correct balance between strict and lenient:

Being too lenient can result in your child becoming a pampered brat in the future. On the other hand, being too strict may make your kid underconfident and lack any sort of self-esteem. The parent must strike the correct balance and choose the best teaching methods, where they neither favor nor disapprove of their child.

6. Teach your child to love themselves:

Self-love is as important for adults as it is for children. A lack of confidence or self-love from an early age, owing to favoritism, may make your child shy away from social situations when he grows up. The less favored child will also suppress his talents if he is not emotionally sound. Treating them equally will help them to realize their true potential and reduce further cases of child favoritism.

At Yello Montessori School, we want to raise concerns on this often-forgotten topic of great importance. We want to speak through a transparent lens to the children who have enrolled at our school as well as their parents. We urge the children who have gone through a similar experience to voice out their issues to the management, because we believe in creating the best preschool and daycare in Bangalore, and the best teaching methods are adopted to impart education with love and care.

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