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Choosing the Right Preschool Post-COVID-19

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Posted on 18 Feb by Admin | cooking 3 min read

While the world gradually limps back to normalcy, parents in Bangalore and all over India must be wondering whether it’s still safe to send their children back to school. On one hand, education is important for your kids, especially in their formative years at preschool. On the other hand, safety is a major concern. So how do we adapt to the new normal and face the challenges ahead?

Parents need to do their homework and choose their kids’ preschool; one that provides childcare facilities in a safe environment. Don’t just search for the best preschool in Bangalore, but the best and safest preschool in Bangalore. Here are a few pointers to help you find what’s best for your kids!

1. Clean & Sanitised Campus

The first thing you need to look out for is the standard of hygiene and cleanliness. Ensure that the entire preschool is disinfected regularly including toys, furniture and other equipment. Check if hand sanitisers are placed all over the place adequately, in classrooms, bathrooms and common areas.

2. Safety Measures

Look for preschools that make the effort to provide the utmost safety for your children. They should be screening everyone who enters the campus upon arrival and recording their temperatures. Teachers and staff must wear masks, face shields and gloves at all times.

3. Reduced Ratio

Observe how many students come in for every class. Reducing the number of kids in a class can enable schools to practice social distancing effectively. By limiting the number of children coming in and going out, it will be much simpler to contain outbreaks from recurring.

4. Transport Facilities

Inspect the school bus or van and find out if they are regularly disinfected and sanitised. The driver must wear his safety gears at all times and provide sanitisers to the children boarding the vehicle.

5. Aarogya Setu App

It’s essential to follow the protocol set by the government to overcome the challenges ahead. See if the preschool instructs all staff members and parents to download the Aarogya Setu app to facilitate contact tracing.

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