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Discovering the Perks of Outdoor Learning

Discovering the Perks of Outdoor Learning

Posted on 06 Apr by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Children, by instinct, are always curious to know more about the world around them. They’re eager to explore different smells, sounds, sights, tastes and textures to understand the full extent of their senses. What is the best way to help them in their journey of self-discovery? Taking learning outdoors of course!

A Whole New World

There’s a whole world outside classrooms, without books, papers and pencils, a place that is tangible and real. The great outdoors offers an unconventional education, helping children discover that learning can occur anywhere, anytime! This approach allows children to interact with the things they read about. They get to touch soil, observe insects, smell flowers, hear birds and taste fruits in their original habitat. Learning couldn’t be more hands-on!

Outdoor Benefits

Outdoor learning experiences offer a great deal of benefits. It’s an effective method that allows children to develop reflective thinking and problem-solving techniques. This holistic approach encourages kids to use both mind and body to help them identify what is risky and isn’t. Moreover, they also learn to appreciate and respect nature by understanding the need to look after our environment early on.

Building Resilience

Outdoor learning for preschoolers is essential for their overall development. Not only does it give children a fun and interesting learning opportunity, multiple studies indicate that outdoor learning improves mental and emotional wellbeing in children. Learning outside breaks down barriers, helping children build confidence and self-esteem while developing collaborative and communication skills.

Outdoor Activities

Since outdoor learning can be so enriching, why not practice it more often? There are various activities that you, as parents, can introduce your children to. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Playing with Mud

There’s something very therapeutic about mud. Children can have a lot of fun making mud balls and feeling the texture of the soil. You can ask them to build a fort by digging and scooping with basic kitchen equipments.


There’s nothing better than gardening to make your kids understand nature. They can learn to concentrate, be patient and develop a love for nature. Help them sow seeds of any plant and encourage them to take care of their plant by giving them adequate water and lots of love.

Nature Art

Nature is a great source of inspiration for budding artists. Ask your kids to collect anything they can find in your outdoor space and create a picture, sculpture or painting with it. This will really get their creative juices flowing!

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