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Encouraging language development in your kids

Encouraging language development in your kids

Posted on 31 jul by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Language development in a child is key to its holistic development. By learning a language, the child can develop thinking, problem-solving, and literacy. To read and write in a language forms the basic literacy skills of a child. There are a lot of ways to prepare your child for learning. Studies have shown that kids who have been exposed to stimulation with regards to language are often better prepared to learn than those who haven’t had the same amount of stimulation.

Talking to your child: This is a form of stimulation that helps the child develop its learning skills. Pretend to have a conversation with the child even if the baby cannot talk back. Talking to the child helps the kids hear the same words in a different context. It also helps them hear words repeatedly. They get acquainted with their immediate environment. If you talk to them about their daily schedule, they start to notice repetition over time. Talking also helps the child know the meaning and use of the words, gives a brief glimpse of context to the child.

Respond to your child: As the baby grows and uses gestures to respond to its surroundings, use complete sentences to confirm their gestures. For example, if the child points at an apple ask the child, ‘Do you want that red apple?’ this increases their vocabulary. The child may not necessarily have started speaking but if you speak to them and keep on adding to the vocabulary you use with them. It has been said that talking and responding is highly stimulating to their ever-absorbent brains.

Reading: It is an incredible way of engaging the child. With illustrations and words supporting them, it creates visual imagery. This intrigues the child and keeps them interested. Reading books to teach the child about various things has also been proven to be effective. While reading a book about bathing you can show the child why it is important and how fun it can be. As the child grows, it is important to read to them books that have a higher complexity. As the child grows and can make sound or form complete words, encourage them to read along, help them with pronunciations. These small actions are crucial to create a strong foundation for learning.

Babies are born with the ability to learn and respond to as many languages they are exposed to. The reason why they respond to only a certain language is that they are only exposed to that language on a regular base for the first twelve months of their lives. Based on studies, it has been noted that kids are better equipped to learn foreign languages with ease compared to adults because their brains haven’t been programmed to think or absorb information in only one language yet.

Creating a strong foundation for every child is necessary for its life long learning capabilities. Parents of children don’t necessarily have to be highly literate to be able to help their kids. Daily stimulation of talking and conversing and exposing them to various stimulants will help the child a long way. Every child should be ready to learn when they enter school as it will determine not only their performance but also their willingness to learn.

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