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Essential Moral Values Kids Learn at Daycare

Essential Moral Values Kids Learn at Daycare

Posted on 10 jun by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Moral values are what make us human, and these values are something that is developed in us, right from childhood. This is the principle we at yellow school strongly believe in and that's why the primary focus of all our activities is directed at imparting essential moral values to our children. Also, since kids spend a significant portion of their day at school, we realize that it is important for us to ensure that your children with us, are not only growing old, but also growing up - not just physically, but also mentally. Here are some essential moral values we impart to our kids at our daycare. Read on.

1) Respect

Respect is one of the most essential moral values that kids must be taught from a very young age. And when we say respect, it is not restricted to respecting parents alone. It goes beyond that where children are taught to respect their peers, their elders, plants and animals, and every other living being. Mutual respect and love is something that builds up in the minds of children from a young age and it impacts the way children look at others, and themselves. self-respect beyond everything else is also something that we try to impart to our children.

2) Helping nature

We all grow by helping each other - this is the principle on which the world works and we strongly believe in this principle. We strive to impart this policy of helping our children by conducting various activities that demand our children to help each other and finish an activity or an assignment. We imbibe the culture of growth by helping others and rising by lifting others. We encourage our kids to help their classmates, their teachers, their parents at home and others in need of their help. We try to focus on explaining our children the importance of being a person who has a helping nature.

3) Honesty

Honesty is the best policy and we impart this value to our children through inspiring stories of people who had the best results in life because they chose to be honest. Children must be encouraged to speak the truth in all cases even when they have wronged and must be appreciated for being honest and truthful.

4) Not hurting anyone

It is important that we teach our children the importance of not hurting anyone. It is not only limited to physical hurt but also verbal and emotional hurt. We actively encourage our children to be mindful of what they're doing to others and how they're making others feel. They are taught to respect other people's opinions and stands, and not hurt anybody.

5) Apologize

To err is human. Mistakes happen but real humanity lies in understanding and accepting one's mistakes. To communicate the deep regret of hurting someone is as important as feeling the regret, and there lies the importance of apologizing. We actively imbibe in our children the habit of saying - I am sorry to have hurt you, when they have wronged or when they have told things which hurt someone's feelings. We try to explain to them why there is nothing wrong with apologizing and how one shouldn't feel any small for apologizing to someone.

6) Adjusting and compromising

We teach our kids from a young age that things cannot go their way every time. There will be times when unexpected things happen and times when your child needs to be more understanding of the situation rather than their one's own set of needs and demands. We imbibe this sense of adjusting and compromising when the situation demands and teach them how to deal with it positively without feeling low and dejected.

These are some of the basic essential moral values we teach our kids at daycare. Our efforts do not stop at telling them the importance of these values but at showing them, through inspiring moral story videos and illustrations. We believe that's the best way we can imbibe these values deep into their heads which they should carry for the rest of their lives.

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