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Field Trip for children at Yello Preschool

Field Trip for children at Yello Preschool

Posted on 04 May by Admin | cooking 3 min read

“Field Trip” – something every child looks out for during their school days. The fun times during the journey, visiting a place of heritage, a science museum, park or a zoo, having lunch together as a group, and all the fun and frolic moments filled with emotions. Field trips help kids break their monotonous schedule and offer a great learning experience apart from their school books and subjects. For example, visit to a science museum helps children visualize and understand the different scientific inventions and gain knowledge that will enhance their creative and logical thinking. Schools must aim at curating field trips that actually enhance the child’s learning capabilities and expands their thinking horizon.

At Yello Preschool, we believe in outdoor play and open learning. We motivate our kids and aim to deliver a real-time context to what they learn. As a part of the recreational activity, the kids at Yello Preschool were taken on a field trip to Cubbon Park. Cubbon Park is one of the major attraction in Bangalore city. Despite being in the middle of one of the busiest cities in India, Cubbon Park is well known among the visitors for its wide variety of flora and fauna. The park attracts the morning walkers and joggers who come here to get fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the park.

The field trip emphasised on making the kids realize and appreciate the beauty of nature, feel proud of the green spaces and educate them on how to care for them and make it better. The kids were excited to see the colourful flora and fauna in the park. During the course of the day, various fun activities and games were conducted which kept the kids engaged and happy. “Such field trips are truly a great learning experience and it was great to watch the kids enjoy. The tiny tots get to see the elements of nature in front of their eyes and a chance to explore the beauty of nature”, says one of the junior class teacher at Yello Preschool.

After a day of fun, it was time for the kids to head back home and take back the memories of this beautiful day. The field trip was a great experience for the children. In order for the kids to not forget what they saw and learnt on this day, we asked our children to ask their parents to take them to Cubbon park over the weekend. This helps them to recollect what they saw and learnt. It also gives them the perfect opportunity to socialize and engage with other children. After all the stress and the busy life in Bangalore, it’s a common sight at Cubbon park for families to unwind and relax with their children during the weekends and holidays. There are lot of enriching activities conducted for kids during the weekends where parents can spend quality time together with the little ones.

Yello Preschool, located in Richmond Town and Banashankari, strives to be the Best Preschool in Bangalore. We offer a safe and secure day care environment for infants, toddlers, preschool kids managed by experienced teachers. Our teachers have a strong experience and background in giving the perfect care for children and respect every child’s emotions. Our experienced faculty curate the perfect activities that help the children to develop and cultivate their skills. We are also the best Montessori school in Bangalore helping children become a successful person in the society.

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