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How to choose the best daycare?

How to choose the best daycare?

Posted on 24 Oct by Admin | cooking 3 min read

In a day and age where both parents tend to work outside the house, daycare centres are becoming a critical part of society. This also underscores the importance of having safe and trusted day care service providers who have up to date licences and take their responsibilities seriously. Running a daycare doesn’t just require a license and a place, good daycare will also have the bellow listed attributes which will help a parent make an informed decision.


A best day care centre in banashankari should give positive vibes and make you comfortable in leaving your child in that environment. In order to find out about the centre, one can talk to existing clients i.e parents who send their kids there. Another way of deciding whether the daycare centre has a good reputation, discuss the place with your friends in a similar situation as you or have some idea about the establishment. If a person whose judgement and opinion, you trust and respect, recommends a place or gives you credible reasoning, then factor it in your decision making the process.

Established basic rules:

A good daycare centre often is flexible in their rules but have some basic rules under which they operate. The centres should have prepared physical copies of their policies for an emergency, pick-up/drop-off timings, operating hours, etc. It is necessary for the centre to take the responsibility of your child seriously and putting their policies in writing makes it possible to hold them accountable. Also, enquire about sick-child policy and how things are handled in such scenarios. The centre should be welcoming to the parents and be open to constructive dialogue with them. This will build trust between the two parties.

Stimulating curriculum:

The daycare centres that are considered the best for kids offer a stimulating environment for the kids. This stimulation is necessary for a daycare as the kid is going to spend a significant portion of the day (depends on the number of hours the child is in daycare) in these centres and parents need to rely on the help of these professionals to build their child’s cognisance. A stimulating environment focuses on learning-based activities which will help the kid develop learning abilities and expand their imagination. Part of a healthy schedule for kids should also include rest and meals. The centres which are highly favoured by parents usually have a variety of age-appropriate toys and also activities which help the kids learn in creative ways.

A nurturing, qualified staff:

A qualified staff would allow the daycare centre to stand apart from nannies and home daycare services. Some of the qualifications to look for include, college education, background in early childhood development and emergency training. It is also important to see how the staff interacts with kids during your visit to the daycare centre. Discuss the staff to child ratio and how much attention would your child get. The degree to which the staff is involved in inquiring about your child during interviews is also a key indicator of how good the daycare centre is.

These are some of the things you should consider while looking at daycare centres where your child’s comfort is paramount and you should also be comfortable with the facility to leave your child in their care. Not every facility will comply with the requirements of each parent and hence it is necessary that an informed decision is made.

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