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How to make learning fun?

How to make learning fun

Posted on 29 jun by Admin | cooking 3 min read

In the era where classroom education is given so much importance, it's crucial to hold onto the roots of learning where learning was fun! Yes, learning is supposed to be fun and not something that children hate to indulge in. It's quite a challenge for both teachers and parents to incorporate methods through which learning can be made fun. And why is it so important? Well, because children learn the best when the process of learning is easy and fun, and not when it is boring. So, here are some methods we follow at Yello Preschool to make learning fun for our kids.

How to make learning fun for children?

1 - Allow children to work together in groups

Group learning activities are one of the best ways to make learning fun for children. Now, you needn't organize and bring together a massive group to work this out. Even smaller groups of 3 to 6 children will make the whole process of learning so much fun for your children. Studies have revealed that co-operative learning environments help children grasp concepts much faster and help them also retain for much longer periods.

Collaborative learning allows children to indulge in discussions which helps bring out their reasoning and logical abilities. It also helps them build on their critical thinking abilities and also communication skills, as they'll be required to convey their ideas and thoughts to their peers in a way everybody understands their message! So, try to create more group learning opportunities for your children. Organize a small study get together at the backyard perhaps? The goal is to encourage collaborative learning.

2 - Bring in some hands-on activities

Learning the ABCs and the 123s only from textbooks might not be the best way for children to remember everything. Bringing in some hands-on activities with hands-on alphabets, numbers, a couple of geography-related maps, etc will steer more interest and curiosity in your children than you may think. It surely makes learning so much more fun than plain leanings from textbooks or notebooks.

3 - Arrange for educational field trips

Going on for interesting educational field trips is one of the best ways to make learning fun. This might not be possible with every concept of learning, but it's applicable for many concepts and all you've to do is just get more creative. For example: instead of teaching them how each animal looks like as an adult and as a baby through pictures in a picture book, you could probably plan for a field trip to the nearest zoo.

Or, instead of just telling them where the milk comes from, you could plan a visit to a dairy nearby. Such field trip experiences not only make learning fun but also memorable! At Yello Preschool, we plan for field trips very often and the massive amount of engagement and interest our kids show always make us want to plan more such trips. As a parent, it's worth a shot for you.

4 - Incorporate technology into learning

Our smartphones and laptops are a great way to add extra interesting elements to your child's learning. Your child may get bored of you reading stories to them every night, so every once in a while, it's a good idea to play some videos online. Various interesting applications are designed just to narrate beautiful moral stories to children. We often arrange for kids short movies watching sessions and the children's happiness and joy is off the charts.

5 - Arrange for activities involving body participation

Research has revealed that the more the senses of organs are engaged in an activity, the better we learn. Typically, when a teacher is teaching, let's say rhymes, the only sense organ a child uses is their ears. If you spend little time thinking about how you can increase the number of sense organs that engages in any particular activity, the results will be a phenomenon. Using fingers and the element of touch for counting, that's why is so effective in children. Explore more such ways where you can increase the body participation and it'll make the overall learning experience more fun!

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