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How to Nurture a Child's Mental Health

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Posted on 20th Apr by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Every parent loves seeing their child being healthy and happy. The happiness of the child depends on two factors – physical health and mental health. While it’s easy for parents to understand their child’s physical needs such as providing healthy food, quality education, extra care must be taken when fulfilling the child’s mental and emotional needs. Mental health reflects in the day to day behaviour and can impact the child’s life style negatively if not moulded in the right way. While emotionally and mentally strong kids have the capability to think clearly and learn effectively, having a poor mental health will restrict the child from accepting the challenges they face in life. Parents play a huge role in setting the right mental health of the child. Here are 5 ways you can nurture your child’s mental health.

1.Build strong relationship

Every child expects to spend quality time with their parents. It’s important for parents to reciprocate to this expectation – spending time over dinner, joining them during playtime, sharing a bedtime story, and so on. This helps the child in two ways – they understand the value of people and relationship, and gives them an opportunity to learn how to solve problems in life.

2.Show lots of love and encouragement

Express your love to the child. Give them the confidence of being able to achieve anything they can. Throw them all the encouragement that you can when they excel in something. Try to understand their interest areas and allow them to excel in that space. Never force the child to do something that they don’t prefer doing. This has the greatest chances of affecting them mentally.

3.Never hurt the child’s sentiments

Every child is unique in different ways. Never compare your child with other children – this applies to positive and negative comparison. While negative comparisons can be a huge confidence loss for the child and affect them mentally, even positive comparisons have chances of making them perceiving others as inferior to them.

4.Open your ears and listen to their feelings

Children have emotions and it’s common for them to express it. In such situations, it’s important for parents to respect the feelings and listen them out. Don’t lose temper; encourage them to open up about their problems. Doing this will build the trust and gives them the confidence to speak out their problems, in future too. Hear them out completely before giving a solution or an advice. Give them the assurance that everything will be alright.

5.Maintain a healthy home environment

Parents should keep a check on the amount of time consumed in watching television, using the internet and technology gadgets. On the other hand, it’s important for parents to be cautious not to discuss any family problems, or have heated arguments with the presence of the children. This has chances for the child to get worried and affect them mentally.

These tips for parents help them build a positive and strong mental health for the children and nurture them into a matured adult in the future. If you are looking for a Montessori school, preschool or a day care that brings in these core values as a part of education to make the child capable and mentally strong, Yello is one of the leading Preschool in Bangalore. Located in the heart of Bangalore city on Richmond Town and Residency Road, Yello Preschool also offer the best Day care facilities for children with a safe and secure environment. For more details, visit or contact us on 0874 899 5555.

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