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How Yello Preschool contributes to the child's development?

How Yello Preschool contributes to the child's development?

Posted on 05 jul by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Enrolling your child into a preschool might not be the easiest thing to do as many parents are quite scared about leaving their back in a structured environment or fear how their kids will cope with the separation. Well, preschools are meant to help your child grow up in all ways possible, making them more prepared to join the elementary school. At Yello Preschool, we get this question asked a lot - is preschool crucial for my child's development? So, we put together this blog to answer that. Here's how Yello Preschool contributes to your child's development. Read on.

1 - We provide a strong foundation for learning, both academically and socially

At Yello Preschool, our focus is on helping children to build a strong foundation that will form the basis for their future academic education and also their social behaviors. Children the age of 3 to 5 are inherently curious and often have lots of questions to ask.

They want to learn new skills that they find interesting - like learning how to count the number of books in a room, learning how to assemble a toy, learning how to count money and so on. Yello Preschool has the perfect tools, which are specially designed for children aged between 3 to 5, which helps them get better at these basic things. And we always propagate the idea of learning together and this builds a sense of togetherness amongst children, further adding on to their social skills.

2 - We help our children find answers to their numerous never-ending questions

Children aged 3 to 6 are the most inquisitive and they always have some wonderful questions about the environment around them like - Do cats talk to each other? Do birds play? Why does it rain? Where does the sun go in the night? Sometimes, as a parent, it might become challenging for you to answer all their questions. Well, worry no more. At Yello Preschool, we encourage our children to ask questions and help them find answers through experimentation, exploration, and conversation. Yes, sometimes the peers of your child can answer their questions better than you.

3 - We prepare our children for elementary school, where things get more academic

We focus on imparting some of the most important skills that are needed for a child to cope well and do well in their elementary school. Knowing the basics of learning and counting is a must and we ensure that each kid at Yello Preschool can do that. So, your child will learn the ABCs and the 123s in the most interesting and joyful ways. Alongside these preparations, we also ensure that there's always a fun factor involved in learning as we always focus on making learning fun!

4 - We help our children build social and emotional skills

One best part about preschools is that they prep up children with social and emotional skills, which are not the mainstream focus, moving further in preschool education. We organize various group activities where all children are encouraged to work in teams and find solutions to the problems like - complete the puzzle, find the missing piece and so on.

At preschool, children learn how to compromise, how to help others, how to talk about their feelings, and how to take care of themselves when mommy is not around. We also encourage the acts of kindness and sharing, which helps your child in growing up as an empathetic. Being able to understand how others are feeling, over and top of one's own set of feelings is a skill that needs to be imbibed in a child since early childhood and our goal at Yello Preschool is to do just that.

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