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Importance of Outdoor Play

Importance of Outdoor Play

Posted on 3 jun by Admin | cooking 3 min read

We have moved from a time where the only mode of entertainment for children was playing outdoors to a time where children are obsessed with indoor modes of entertainment - from watching TV to playing video games to browsing videos on IPad or smartphones. With more children getting more involved with such digital forms of entertainment, it has become more important than ever for us to shift the focus back to outdoor play. We at Yello School encourage our children to play outdoors and also advise the parents about the same thing. This blog is an attempt to explain the importance of outdoor play amongst kids.

1) Improves learning abilities

Playing outdoors helps improve children's learning abilities. They develop a sense of sportsmanship and learning becomes a much fun process as space is open and boundless. It encourages children to see learning as an ongoing experience of life rather than a boring classroom session. Throwing in some educational equipment or toys like lidos, puzzles, crossword, etc will help children not only find these activities interesting but also hone their learning abilities.

2) Helps children improve their social skills

Playing outdoors lets children to naturally get out of their shells and become more social. It provides immense opportunities for children to interact with other children their age and since the whole agenda would be to play and have fun, the whole experience of talking to other people becomes less intimidating and this continues even when they've grown up. In today's world, where many people find it extremely hard to initiate and hold conversations with other people, it's very important that children are encouraged to play outdoors and interact with other children so they do not grow up to be socially awkward.

3) Promotes good health

There are many health benefits of playing outdoors. Children are more physically active when they're playing outdoors making them more fit and promotes healthy growth of bones. Besides, natural exposure to sun helps absorb vitamin D which is essential for good skin, good bones and an overall good health.

4) Improves their creativity

Being outside helps children to get away from the constraints and restrictions that come along with indoor games. It helps tap the creativity of children as they are influenced by the objects and natural structures around them. Put it simply, being indoors all the time prevents children from thinking out of the box and cribs down their creativity levels.

5) Encourages children to be more exploring

Since outdoor games have fewer bounds as compared to the indoors, it encourages kids to explore what they can do. It helps children connect with nature in various ways and allows them to feel more outgoing and comfortable rather than crumbling down in one's little room. The sky is the limit for their imagination and outdoor games help bring out the adventurous side in children.

6) Helps improve concentration

Quite surprisingly, studies have revealed that children who play outdoors have better concentration spans and levels in comparison to their indoor-play-loving peers. It helps people to remain calmer and develop a sense of peace as they're not bound by the 4 walls and nature uplifts the moods of children. This is especially true for children who can get very fidgety indoors and a little time playing outdoors helps them calm down and improves their focus and concentration.

That was our list of benefits of encouraging children to play outdoors. At the end of the day, remember that as much as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy is true, all-digital fun and no real physical activities and games make Jack even dull! So, go ahead and encourage your children to play outdoors. Throw some of their interesting board games out in the open in the backyard. Invite some of their friends home and help them interact with each other and you'll be surprised to know that learning social skills will come so naturally to them!

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