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Increasing Concentration Levels in Children

Increasing Concentration Levels in Children

Posted on 04 Oct by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Concentration is one of those skills that can be harnessed over time and with repeated effort. It is required will doing almost all things in life but being able to concentrate is something far easier said than done. Being able to conjure concentration at will is quite difficult even for adults in some instances. This is the reason children need to be taught methods and tricks that will help them hone the skill of concentrating while doing their school work or a hobby.

There is always debate about the skills that the kids need to be taught during their developmental years, may it be in school or at home. One of the skills that are crucial to learning most of the skills is concentration and yet it often is not part of the discussion. Irrespective of the school’s teaching type or the education system itself, concentration is required in any setting for the kids to learn.

Kids spend a significant part of their day at play schools in banashankari and may not get enough personal attention as the teacher deals with the entire class. Parents can help their kids by spending time with them while doing homework. This way the child gets the attention and the parent is also able to help the child cope with their setbacks or difficulties while studying.

Some ways the parents can help their kids increase their concentration levels from an early age are:


Bedtime routine is important is a child’s developing age. A proper sleeping pattern and approximately 10-12 hours of sleep between the ages of 4-12 is recommended.

Diet and Water:

Eating a balanced diet helps in maintaining concentration levels as it full of nutrients. If the tummy is full, they are less likely to be easily distracted. Water is very important in maintaining concentration because dehydration can cause lethargy.


Balancing your child’s day with extracurricular and hobbies will help improve concentration. When a child enjoys doing something, it is often easier to get them to concentrate. Make your kid play outdoors that will help them clear their mind.

Learning-based Games:

Use games that would increase your child’s concentration. This is a fun way for the child to learn the skill. This also helps with making it mundane.


Instill in the child the habit of doing certain tasks at a certain time and keeping deadlines. This helps the child to concentrate better to finish tasks on time.

Reducing distractions:

Parents can alter the environment in the house where the kids study. Making the space free of distractions such as screens, conversations or toys will help the child concentrate better on their task.

Dividing the big tasks into smaller tasks:

Breaking up the bigger tasks into smaller tasks helps the kid see it as different small tasks as are more willing to complete them. Giving breaks between these smaller tasks also helps them relax and concentrate on finishing the task quicker. Concentration is necessary for various tasks in life whether at home or in school. It is a skill that the kids need to be taught from an early age as it helps them later in life to handle school and work as they grow.

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