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It's Mine! - How To Teach Kids About Sharing

It's Mine! - How To Teach Kids About Sharing

Posted on 02 Dec by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Why is it important for children to learn to share? So that they can learn to cooperate, understand teamwork, compromise and make friends. After all, sharing is caring, and it can be instrumental in helping toddlers and preschoolers get along with each other.

Sharing shouldn’t be scary

If your child isn’t great at sharing, don’t be too hard on them. Yes, it can be embarrassing, maybe even frustrating to see your child throwing a tantrum. But if you’re with your child and force them to hand over something very valuable to them, it will send them wrong message - sharing has negative consequences.

As adults, even we don’t like to share a couple of things. It’s always a good idea to keep that in mind while trying to explain your kids the concept and benefits of sharing. Talk to them, make them understand why it’s necessary while acknowledging their feelings. Take small steps to help them share their toys and other prized possessions with friends. As they grow older and mature they will certainly see that playing with friends is a lot more fun. In the meantime, just be there for your child.

Start early

Like any habit, the sooner you start, better the result! There are various games that could inculcate this behaviour in kids. Passing games, turn-based games and team games that are appropriate for your kids’ age, are fun activities to promote sharing. Make sure to introduce your kids to such games as soon as they can grasp an object. This will definitely have a positive impact on toddlers and preschoolers.

Be a good referee

Don’t panic if you see your kid get into a quarrel with another child over a toy. It’s actually the perfect opportunity to teach both children a valuable lesson. Make sure to intervene before things escalate. If either child seems too agitated, remove them from that place temporarily until they can calm down.

When both children have cooled off, discuss what went wrong and how they could’ve tackled in a compassionate manner. Help them express their feelings by giving them cues. If they look angry, you could say “you look upset”, if they look sad, you can say “It sounds like you’re unhappy with what happened a while back.” This not only helps children put their feelings into words but also reassures them that you understand how they’re feeling.

Explain the ‘effect’

Whenever your kid does share, you have to capitalise on that moment to really make them understand what they’ve accomplished. So it’s not just enough to praise them. You need to make them see what effect their act of kindness has created. Instead of just telling “I’m so proud of you. You are such a sweet child,” tell them “She really likes the toy you gave her. Look how happy your friend is. You’re the reason for her smile!”

Teach by example

If there’s one thing kids love doing, that’s imitating. Nothing works quite as effectively as teaching by example when it comes to toddlers and preschoolers. All they need to do is witness acts of generosity to learn to share themselves. So share your dessert, offer your hat for your child’s teddy, comply when your child wants to see and use your things (as long as it is in your control) and make sure to ask your child the same to encourage a two way behaviour.

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