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Let your kids be smart without a smartphone

Let your kids be smart without a smartphone

Posted on 17 Dec by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Although technology has done a lot to make our life easier and efficient, yet as a parent, it has become more of a concern about the impact that these smartphone devices can have on your children. In this technologically advanced world, it has become a commonplace for kids to have their own smartphones, but the real question that lingers on every parent’s mind is the negative impact a smartphone can have on their child’s growth.

Best nursery schools in Bangalore, and other metro cities are trying inspiring and innovative methods to educate children in earlier stages which instils values making them strong, capable and resilient without using smartphone devices. These preschools in Bangalore, etc. have prepared themselves by continuously learning new teaching practices and techniques to support every Childs development along with emphasising on the importance of developing relationships and filling each and every one of them with a sense of wonder in order to shape the architecture of a child’s brain.

Smartphones and tablets in today’s generation have become more of a bribery tool were parents use it to make kids behave. This is resulting in kids becoming more busy and quiet which is further creating a negative impact on children’s brain development.

Below listed are a few reasons that will help you understand why it is necessary for kids to be smart without a smartphone:

  • Although smartphones are convenient, they can alter a parent-child relationship to a great extent. As children pass through the period of growth it is important for the parent-child to a have a genuine connection which can go a long way in shaping the child’s future.
  • Continuous usage of smartphones by children can limit their minds to get creative as they are bombarded with numerous games which result in their imagination, optical and motor skills to be limited.
  • Always make sure that your children do not have a smartphone with them in their room. Doing so can lead to lack of sleep which can cause fatigue and later bedtimes.
  • According to researches play-schools, day-care centres, nurseries have started to highlight the importance of not using a smartphone in classes as it can result in impairing children’s brain and socio-economic development.
  • It jeopardises the child’s overall development as children at a younger age can get addicted to these devices easily causing a negative impact on their mental health.
  • Spending too many hours together on a smartphone can result in obesity as it directly affects the physical health of your children. overuse of such technology in today’s fast- moving world is one of the most significant causes of overweight issues in children.
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