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Preparing your child for school

Preparing your child for school

Posted on 26 jul by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Are you constantly worried about your child starting their first day at school? When it comes to early education starting school for children in their early childhood days can be a difficult time. According to the Best preschool in Bangalore and other metro cities starting a new school can usually be exhausting for a child as your child will be spending every minute trying to fit into the new environment.

Since every child is hesitant to go to a new place and meet and interact with new people there are some helpful ways to prepare your child for their first day at school.

This allows your child to not only grasp on their academic skills but also foster their social and emotional skills along with ensuring that your children know the day-to-day routine and rules that are associated with schools.

Below mentioned are a few practical ways that can help parents prepare their children for school:

1. It is of utmost importance to find out when your school orientation takes place and make sure to attend the program. This will help your children to get to know the other people enrolled in the school and also have an interaction with the staff members at the same time. Ensure that you find out the basic rules of the school, their routine and what are the expectations from the school staff members from their children. All this information will help you in preparing your child for school.

2. When children socialize or play with other familiar children, the parents should support their relationship and organize playdates over the holiday period. This will help children in developing their social skills which will be helpful in the long-term.

3. Talk with your child about how they feel going or starting school so that it becomes easier for you to talk to them and reassure them that if they face any problems or issues at school, you will be there to resolve them.

4. Let your children know what are the positive aspects of going to a school and how much fun it will be to do some fun activities and meet new people and make friends. This will let your children look forward to going to school.

5. It is really necessary and helpful for you to teach your child how to use the toilet independently. Continuous practice at this will let your children use public toilets at school without any hindrance. Parents should also explain about schools having different washroom areas for girls and boys, help them to learn practical skills such as opening and closing of the toilet door when in use, to ensure that the children pull up their bottom wear before leaving the toilet and to wash their hands once they are done going to the toilet.

6. Parents can also encourage their children to dress independently such as dressing and undressing themselves before and after school, hanging the clothes, putting on and taking off your shoes and socks before and after school gets over.

7. Take out time to visit your children’s school and meet your child’s teachers and let them know that you are always there to help and that you are available anytime.

Always remember that your child starting school is a huge step for both parents and their children and it is perfectly understandable the worries parents will have about how their child will adjust to this big change. Rest assured, all the above pointers mentioned in the following article will help parents understand how to prepare their children for school.

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