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Role of a Teacher in Early Childhood Education


Posted on 23 Nov by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Contrary to what people might think, teaching preschool children is a very challenging job. Early childhood educators hold the responsibility to mould impressionable toddlers and influence their physical, intellectual and emotional growth positively. Teachers therefore, play a pivotal role in the development of children.

Introducing the world one step at a time

Since the moment they’re born, children are constantly learning. Once they enter preschool, their very first institutionalised setting, it becomes a stepping stone towards greater knowledge. During this crucial period, teachers guide kids towards new experiences and most importantly create an environment where they feel comfortable. Giving them a sense of security and safety is essential to coping with separation anxiety.

Early childhood educators are indispensable

The role of a teacher in early childhood education plays an important part in shaping a child’s growth and progress in their first years of school. While teachers entertain children with arts and crafts, they also provide structure, encourage cognitive learning and introduce them to physical, social and language development.

Teachers help in the development of children through a variety of methods. Guising study material with an entertaining and fun approach, early childhood educators boost children’s confidence and help them progress at their own pace, in their own terms. A positive relationship with teachers therefore, can significantly impact children’s performances as they transition to the primary stage of school.

Most importantly, teachers have a unique power that can have a lasting if not lifelong impact - the ability to instill love and joy of learning in children. The true mettle of early childhood educators can be witnessed, when they’re able to achieve this feat, which is rewarding for both teacher and student alike.

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