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Secrets of Raising a confident child

Secrets of Raising a confident child

Posted on 27 Sep by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Confidence is one of those qualities which we're not born with, but have to develop. Nobody is born with great confidence. It comes through experiences of failing, succeeding, failing again and rising up all over again. As adults, we all understand the importance of being confident - be it any area of our lives - from our professional relationships to our personal ones. As a parent thus, it's important that we sow the seeds of confidence in our children from a very young age. Children pick up on these qualities really fast when they're taught from a tender age. A confident child grows up to become a confident adult. Having observed closely the traits of young children as a playschool in Bangalore, here's what we think you could do as parents or teachers to raise a confident child.

How to raise a confident child?

Encourage and be supportive of your child

Small successes are what builds massive confidence in children. Be supportive of your child with everything that he or she wants to do. Encourage them. Motivate them. Fill them with energy and tell them that you've got their backs. Do not turn them down when they want to do something that you don't particularly approve of. Let's say, your child wants to play the drums when you want him or her to complete school homework. Resist your need to tell them what to do and let them do whatever they want to do - at least for some time, after which you can always ask them to get to their homework.

Appreciate and celebrate the little victories of your children

Your child just drew a water painting and shows it to you with sheer excitement. Don't stop at saying - Good job, honey. Go ahead, take one step further and tell them that it's a great effort and that you're very happy. Pat their backs and celebrate these small victories. Teach them to celebrate their own little successes. Teach them to give themselves huge credit for their achievements. This attitude fuels them to create more such victories. At our preschool, we ensure that we celebrate the little victories and achievements of our children and we really believe this has helped us a long way to becoming one of the best preschools in Bangalore.

Remind them that it is okay to fail

As adults, we know and realize the importance of failing. Failures are what makes us prepared for success and it's important that we fail so we can learn and build resilience. The same attitude needs to be passed on to children right from their childhood. When your child fails, don't pressurize them or tell them that - do well next time. Instead, be more understanding of them and tell them that it's okay to fail. Give them examples of successful people who've made it so big but who had their fair share of failures too.

Let your children know that it's important to keep trying

Perseverance is a quality that aids confidence. If at once you don't succeed, you try again - let this become a value principle in your child's mind. Trying is more important than winning sometimes. You might not be a winner always. You might not be successful at the first go. The secret, however, lies in trying, again and again. Failing is okay and teaches your children to develop a more positive attitude towards failing where they learn from their past mistakes instead of beating themselves up. The attitude of trying, again and again, helps build massive confidence in children.

Stop making your children depend heavily on you

As a parent, it's very tempting for you to be there for your child, always and every time with everything. But, be notified that this attitude of excessive support makes your child rather weak and creates a huge dependency. Dependent children cannot grow up to be independent, strong and confident adults.

If you're doing everything for them today, chances are they'll need you to do everything for them in future too. Let them grow up to be independent. Start small with letting them tie their shoelaces, change on their own, eat on their own, brush on their own, tidy up their rooms and be supportive of them when they fail. Let them make mistakes and teach them to learn from their mistakes.

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