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Significance and Ways of Storytelling to your Kids

Benefits of Teaching Music at an Early Age

Posted on 06 April 2020 by Admin | cooking 3 min read

We all grew up listening to bedtime stories narrated to us by our grandparents and parents. Those were the good olden days when all kids would lie beside their grandparents, as they would take us on fantasy journeys with their tales and stories like Akbar and Birbal, Panchatantra, Vikram and Betal to name a few. These were the stories that helped us learn some important life lessons and moral values of our lives. They taught us the difference between the good and bad while shaping us into the people we are as grown-ups today. But, with current technology invading our lives like never before, the practice of bedtime stories have been forgotten by many.

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Benefits of Storytelling

Kids instinctively love stories as they are introduced to wonderful ideas, interesting characters, and creatures that they haven't encountered before. Through tales, kids learn more about life, the world, and themselves. Apart from offering an opportunity for bonding, there are so many benefits to narrating stories to your little one:

● Understanding of Culture

Tales keep the children connected to their roots by informing them about their own family history and traditions. Narrating stories to kids helps them to experience and appreciate different worlds, cultures, and traditions.

● Inculcates Moral Values at a Young Age

Stories can have a positive impact on kids. Tales introduce kids to valuable life lessons and social values like honesty, truthfulness, gratitude, kindness, and so on.

● Enhances Listening Skills

Storytelling instills good listening skills in children. To completely understand and enjoy the story, one must pay keen attention to the narrator so that no detail is missed out. A good storytelling session enhances a child’s listening skills. They learn to sit down and listen patiently to what happens next.

● Creates Curiosity and Imagination

Storytelling gets interesting when the narrator pauses the story and makes the listener curious to know what happens next. It encourages them to ask questions, to be creative and use their imagination to picturise the characters, and the story as it unfolds.

Ways of Storytelling

Children’s minds are always exploring something, gets bored easily and moves from one topic to another quickly. So, how to capture the child’s attention and narrate a story getting them to stay with you, without boring them?

● Understand your listener

The first trick is to understand your audience. Being aware of what they want will help you create and narrate a compelling tale. So, observe your kid and ask yourself what your little one likes: superheroes, princes and princesses, aliens, animals or historical figures.

● Construct your Message

The second tip is to build a message that you want to convey through your story. What should your child learn from the story? Is there any particular moral value you want to teach them through your story? Create stories based on these questions.

● Involve Creative Words

Usage of innovative and impressive vocabulary works best while reciting tales to your kids. However, avoid using words that are too difficult to understand for a kid.

● Expressive Style

Keep your kid engrossed by narrating the story dramatically and eloquently. Go with the flow while being energetic and emotional. Create a thrilling experience filled with suspense, exciting, and surprising incidents if the story warrants it.

● Timing

The significance of timing in storytelling cannot be stressed enough. Whether it is a campfire story, bedtime story, or just a humorous one to narrate on a rainy day, keep it appropriate and suitable for the mood and time of the day.

Storytelling is an art that even the latest technology cannot offer. Every parent and grandparents should ensure to indulge in a quality storytelling time with your children. Narrate stories of all genres like mythological stories, fairy tales or tales about space and the future, the right narrative will impress and amaze your child.

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