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Summer camp was lit this year at Yello Preschool

Summer camp was lit this year at Yello Preschool

Posted on 24 jun by Admin | cooking 3 min read

As days become longer and the sun shines at its best, it's time to plan for summer again. Summers are often the best season for children with lesser academic activities and more creative activities, and the world becomes your child's playground. The creative abilities of children are at its peak during summer and so this year, at Yello School, we decided to wake up the naturalists in our children by planning a field trip to Cubbon Park.

Open space does open up the creative side in children

Cubbon Park is a large and wide-open space with lush green landscape, fun games, and interesting trails. We let our children wander off in the mild wilderness of Cubbon Park under the supervision of teachers and the various outdoor activities did spark the creative plugs in their brains, as we watched them play their games so smart! They did surprise us - it was total bliss for all the teachers to watch the silent not-so-talkative children turn into cheerful-and-sporty leaders!

Dinosaur theme added to their joy while also educating them

We decided to have two themes for this year's summer camp at Yello School - The Dinosaur theme and The Fantastic Stories Theme. With the Dinosaur's theme, we conducted various art and craft activities revolving around different types of dinosaurs and the reason for them becoming extinct. We made our children realize just how strong and powerful Mother Nature is, which could bring an end to an entire race of gigantic creatures like the mighty Dinosaurs. Our message, in the end, was to - be down to earth and try leading a life of joy and merry and enjoy all the little and big things that come their way!

Time for some story-telling...

With The Fantastic Stories Theme, we bought to them some really interesting stories and also had some of our kids narrate beautiful stories under the open skies! They sure seemed like they had great fun!

Pool party to kick off the laid-back attitude in our children

Who does not love pool parties? Our kids loved the idea of playing in the pool with their best buddies. There were water toys which added to their joy and we believe it was the best way to end their school days of that academic year and a nice way of beginning the summer. After the pool party, we conducted mini-workshops where we taught our children to make lemonades and fruit salads while also explaining the importance of consuming these foods, especially during summers.

Our goal was to teach our kids just how important it is to stay hydrated during hot summers and how lemonades are the perfect partners to stay hydrated throughout the summers. We also tried to explain to them how they can be independent and needn't necessarily wait for their moms to tell them when to eat and drink and that - the least they could probably do is to drink sufficient water and eat well to cut through fun-filled summers without getting sick!

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