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Tips to Increase Your Kid's Memory

Tips to Increase Your Kid's Memory

Posted on 03 June 2020 by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Memory is an integral part of learning. If learning things is one thing, remembering what has been learnt is another. Thus, a good memory goes a long way in helping children to effectively learn and remember different concepts. A good memory is important both in school of academics and in the school of life. It is an important life skill that needs to be imparted to every child. Being one of the best playschools in Bangalore, we always strive to impart active memory improving techniques to our children. Here are a few tips you can follow to increase your kid's memory.

1 - Create rhythms and songs

Help your children to make a poem and add a rhythm or some tune to the information he or she wants to learn. This rhythm is going to help your child remember the learned concepts for longer periods of time. Human brains are wired to remember music and patterns better and applying the same rule to academics can help boost your child's memory, and ultimately their grades.

2 - Encourage the habit of asking questions in your children

Asking questions helps children comprehend they concepts better and gain a wider or deeper understanding of their subjects. Always encourage your child to ask more questions. This helps boosts their memory rapidly.

3 - Use visual aids and teach through demonstration

Visual aids like videos and short movies can be a great way to ensure that your child remembers what has been taught. Instead of focusing on text based learning alone, get creative and include fun visual aids that would double the understanding of learned concepts in children. Teaching them through practical demonstration is another fun and exciting way to help them remember everything that has been learnt.

4 - Encourage active learning

Don't let your child forget what has been learnt by ending learning as soon as a test or an exam has been conducted. Keep the learning on by engaging them in interesting conversations about a topic learned. Keep it active and encourage them to question everything. Such tricks will push your children to remember concepts long enough to be able to answer such spontaneous questions. Active learning not only improves memory power but also develops critical thinking skills.

5 - Ask your child to teach you or their friends

There's no better way of understanding something than teaching the same to someone. Encourage your child to learn about a concept and explain the same to you. Be patient to hear your children out and act as a student who's trying to learn from them. When your child tries to teach you, they're learning their concepts better and they'll remember it for a long time. If you're too busy, you can encourage your children to form study groups where they learn together and teach the same to one another.

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