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Unique ways of teaching at Yello Preschool

Unique ways of teaching at Yello Preschool

Posted on 08 Nov by Admin | cooking 3 min read

A preschool is the first place in a child’s life where the children learn to explore and develop their senses, increase interaction with peer and also gain valuable life lessons. New-age preschools are becoming aware of the needs of today’s children and are striving towards innovation to ensure holistic growth in young children.

Yello’s pedagogy

One of the unique way teachers teach at Yello preschool is by following a unique curriculum which is specifically designed based on every child’s interest and needs. This particular curriculum has been created by a team of expert researchers and educators using Reggio Emilio as the foundation. The process involves observing, planning, documenting and reviewing as it is important to maintain a mutual relationship between the adult and the child.

There are few other ways at Yello preschool where the educators instil values in children.

  • Through theatre wherein, the children enact short plays which helps them to boost their confidence.
  • Through movement and music wherein children learn various cultural dances and music forms.
  • Learning cooking and kitchen gardening which helps every child to learn positive food habits.
  • Teachers also educate children by helping them in reading books which in turn increases and builds children’s vocabulary and imagination power helping them to be creative and innovative.
  • One other unique way is through art and sculpting. This method helps children to develop and work on their fine motor skills.

  • Yello preschool Methodology

    At this preschool, expert educators are constantly working on new and innovative techniques to help in increasing children’s knowledge and maintain a harmonious and cordial parent-child relationship.

    The Yello circle

    This specific circle tells us about how Yello preschool functions and why it is the best decision to choose Yello preschool as your child’s first place to learn and develop their personalities.

  • The school is a safe and positive environment which helps the children to thrive and learn skills.
  • We provide a detailed, integrated and play-based curriculum for all age groups ranging from 6 months up until 6 years.
  • Our preschool has employed expert and experienced staff and personnel who have shown passion about early childhood development.
  • We also provide a safe, secure and hygienic environment combined with a colourful ambience to create a positive learning environment for children.
  • Along with positive learning environment, Yello also provides healthy, nutritious and tasty food from different cultures, taste and flavours.
  • Yello also has created a customised outdoor playing area which also works as an outdoor learning space for children.

  • Yello preschool in Bangalore has ensured that every parent is relieved that their children are in one of the best day-care centres ensuring a caring, positive, safe and secure learning environment for their children.

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