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Why Summer Camps are Important for Your Children

Ways of Teaching your Kids to Share

Posted on 20 April 2020 by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Summer is already here!!!!! For most of us, we cherish the seemingly endless, carefree summer vacation of our childhood with excitement and joy. However, now that we are parents, some of us might also have mixed feelings about the summer season for our own kids. With most parents choosing to enroll their kids at camps each summer, are these camps just a convenient way of entertainment in summers? Or is there something beyond what these summer camps to offer for your child?

Summer camps have everything rolled into one that offers an opportunity for children to play and have fun while exploring and learning valuable skills. Although each summer camp is different, there are some unique themes that continually come up while talking about the benefits of summer camp. Summer camp is a special place where children come together to have fun while learning. Within the summer camp setup, kids develop a sense of freedom as they try on new adventures and creative activities. Summer camps are known for providing a safe environment where kids gain self-confidence as they learn new skills. A summer camp is also a place where children develop a variety of social skills like communication, academics, exploration, creativity, and so on.

Summer camps provide children with experience and an advantage in school and in life. Read on to know how camp benefits kids:

1. Enhance Social Skills and Build New Friendships

One of the greatest perks of summer camp for kids is that they get to socialize and meet new people. During summer vacations, children often find it difficult to make new friends with peers of their age. While developing important life skills through socializing such as sharing, confidence, respecting, and problem-solving, they also learn how to build strong and healthy relationships with their peers through interacting.

2. Reduces Screen Time and Provides Exercise

In the current era of technology, sedentary lifestyles have been on the rise. While some creative activities to keep your children active and limit their screen time at home is often required during summers, summer camp is the best solution. Most of the summer camps are conducted in the great outdoors to offer a number of physical activities for kids to participate in. Not only will the kids step outdoors away from the digital gadgets and have some fun, but they will also get some good exercise as well from activities such as hiking to archery, swimming, climbing, running, and other team sports. Allowing your kids to explore the outdoors and interact with new kids is an excellent way to expand their perspective and experience a whole new world for their summer break.

3. Supports Learning, Growth, and Development

Most summer camps decide and focus on a theme, or implement aspects of learning, exploring, discovering, and personal growth. If you are on a lookout for fun activities for your kids this summer, there are wide categories of summer camps you can consider, such as sports camp, cooking without fire camps, art camps, science camps to name a few. While your kids are having fun while being challenged and exploring their own interests, they are also boosting their own abilities for learning, teamwork, problem solving, knowledge, and self-awareness. Learning about themselves and the world outside through exploration, discovery, and fun activities can do wonders for their growth and development.

4. Making Memories for a Lifetime

Most of the parents express that some of their fondest memories were those interesting summer camp activities as they grew up. Unfortunately, children today are missing out on some of the simplicity of life that existed before the digital gadgets and technologies came in. While times and lifestyle have gradually changed, there is nothing equivalent to preserving those simple, unplugged, childhood memories. Apart from achieving decision-making skills, leadership skills, and social skills at a summer camp, they also get plenty of physical exercises as well! Your child may miss their favorite cartoon show on the television or playing games on smartphones at first, but once they begin exploring, interacting with their peers, engaging in a variety of fun activities, and participating in new adventures, they are sure to leave summer camp with stories, pictures, friendships, life lessons, and memories that will last for a lifetime.

5. Meet Positive Role Models

Another benefit of summer camp is that it provides your child with the opportunity to interact with positive elder role models. Typically, camp counselors are young adults who choose to volunteer/work at preschools and daycares during their vacations. Not only are these counselors energetic, but kids often find them cool and a little more relatable than their own parents. This can be a valuable asset in the lives of your children since it would help kids to see what their own lives could be after a few years. With these camp counselors with integrity and a good attitude and nature, your kid is likely to emulate them too.

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