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Beneficial Life Lessons that Kids Learn at Yello

Beneficial Life Lessons that Kids

Posted on 09 Dec by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Kids are expected to learn and master many skills to excel in today’s fast-paced world. Apart from these skills, there are core life values that should be imbibed in children. These life lessons and values help children to cope with real-world challenges with grace and confidence as they grow.

At playschool, your child develops essential values required to be the “Survival of the Fittest”. Preschool offers long-lasting social, academic, and life values for kids. Choosing the best playschool for your child may be a heart-pounding option for many parents. Finding a quality preschool where children are supported, engaged, encouraged and exposed to a positive attitude can help your little ones to set the groundwork for later intellectual strides.

Here are some of the life lessons and values that are imparted to children at Yello:

Courage to Speak Up Confidently:

At home, parents tend to guide their child at every step. As much as you would protect your child in every situation, you may not be able to step in all the time. At preschool, while teachers closely monitor children, kids learn to carefully listen to instructions and solve problems by themselves. These problem-solving skills boost their confidence. Thus, teaching a child to speak up for himself/herself is one of the most valuable lessons. This gives them the courage and the confidence to present their thoughts and ideas before the audience.

Cultivating Social Values:

Teachers introduce the concept of taking turns by giving a child some time to play with their favourite toy, then asking them to pass it on to the next child. This offers them the opportunity to learn how to play, share, and learn together. Enrolling your kids in preschool offers them to meet and interact with new people outside the family. This might be hard for the first time since it’s out of their comfort zone. But, kids will learn to be sociable and friendly.

Developing Discipline:

Kids might not be aware of the ticking clock. But, the scheduled activities bring in so much fun and joy influencing the child’s behaviour in a positive way like playing, studying, eating, and sleeping. Going to preschool will imbibe discipline in your child due to the structured routines. There is an allocated time for eating snacks, storytelling, nap, playing, and cleanup. This helps children in learning to follow directions. They will also learn to switch from one activity to the next with their peers at the scheduled time.


Children who can stay back without their parents around them at an early age tend to adjust easily to playschools. They are aware that their parents will always come back to pick them. They know to trust the caring adults in the preschool. Going to preschool makes eases children’s transition and ensures that they adjust to formal schooling. It is vital to maintain a healthy balance of holding on and letting go of, which is an important stepping stone in nurturing an independent child.

Accepting Challenges:

One of the most important traits that we develop in children is that of resilience: being able to take on challenges, bounce back from failures, and keep trying. At preschool, children learn to solve their issues, adapt to situations & attempt to solve problems. These qualities also boost their confidence. Children at preschool come across various situations that they will not experience within the protective environment at home.

The above-mentioned life values are only some out of the many other values a child must be made aware of. At Yello: preschool in Bangalore, kids learn these values through fun activities and lessons designed by our trained staff.

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