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Importance of Vitamin D for your Kids

Importance of Vitamin D for your Kids

Posted on 19 jun by Admin | cooking 3 min read

Vitamin D is one of the most vital vitamins that are necessary for keeping up the good health of children. It is especially important in kids as younger years are the time where the major development of bones happens. A deficiency of vitamin D as a child can result in serious health problems growing up. This blog is an attempt to explain the importance of Vitamin D for your kids.

What is the importance of Vitamin D for your kids?

1) Vitamin D is crucial for the proper development of bones

One of the major components responsible for the development of bones is Vitamin D. It does not help in strengthening the bones, but also to maintain an overall balance of all other components of the bone. Appropriate development of bones is something that must happen right from childhood, and consumption of the required percentage of Vitamin D thus becomes very essential. Put it simply, Vitamin D is essential to promote and maintain the healthy development of bones.

2) Vitamin D provides the required amount of calcium content

Vitamin D is rich in calcium content, which is the prime component that is necessary for keeping up and maintaining healthy teeth. With the right amount of calcium taken, a child will be free from tooth related problems.

3) Vitamin D boosts immunity in children

Research has found that children with an adequate amount of Vitamin D are more immune to external diseases and have lesser chances of developing minor or major infections. Thus, you can say that Vitamin D is a major booster of immunity in children. It not only provides them with good energies but also makes them stronger and prevents many infections that can easily catch on children.

4) Lower Vitamin D levels affect the moods of children

Studies have revealed that children with lower levels of Vitamin D are more prone to mood swings than the ones who have abundant quantities of Vitamin D. This research also suggested that children are thus found to be happier in summers (even when there's sun's beating heat) as compared to the winters. On the contrary, an adequate level of Vitamin D prevents children from developing such mood swings and brings in a more stable mood in them.

5) Vitamin D is essential for promoting the good health of the skin in children

To err is human. Mistakes happen but real humanity lies in understanding and accepting one's mistakes. To communicate the deep regret of hurting someone is as important as feeling the regret, and there lies the importance of apologizing. We actively imbibe in our children the habit of saying - I am sorry to have hurt you, when they have wronged or when they have told things which hurt someone's feelings. We try to explain them why there is nothing wrong with apologizing and how one shouldn't feel any small for apologizing to someone.

6) Adjusting and compromising

This holds even for us as adults. Vitamin D is one of the most essential components responsible for promoting and maintaining the good health of the skin in children. Various skin ailments like rashes, freckles, acne, etc are a result of a lack of vitamin D in children, which further results in the development of "too-oily" or "too-dry" skintypes. If Vitamin D is provided in adequate quantities right from childhood, children can be shielded from many such skin related ailments and diseases.

Thus, it's important that we encourage our children to soak in the sun when it's not too hot so children can best benefit from the single biggest source of Vitamin D - The sun. Besides, it is also important to note that children are given food products that help in the absorption of Vitamin D from the sun, like milk and eggs. If your children are lactose intolerant, then you might have to think about Vitamin D supplements. Bottom-line: Ensure that your children are provided with the right amount of Vitamin D throughout their playing years.

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